Problem configuring NAPTR with BIND

Jim Reid jim at
Thu Oct 26 16:24:37 UTC 2006

On Oct 26, 2006, at 16:34, Sachin Kamat wrote:

> I am querying for number +44 1164960348 (i.e.
> It says "NAPTR record unmatched"

There's no delegation for It  
doesn't live on the public internet. Fix that. Then fix your zone  
file. It has only one NS record. And that points at a non-existent  

The RDATA for the NAPTR records in your zone file is wrong. Their  
services fields are broken. "e2u+sip" is OK (ish). "E2U+voice:sip"  
would be better. "E2U+service" is illegal. The list of valid strings  
that can be used in place of "service" -- ie the names of the  
services available for some NAPTR record -- can be found at: ftp://

The owner-names of your NAPTRs look to be broken too. This wouldn't  
be the case if you used fully qualified and dot-terminated names  
EVERYWHERE. As everyone should. Your zone file's first NAPTR record  
is for The second one is for And the third is for That's probably not what  
you wanted.

Oh and the expire, refresh, retry and negative TTL values in your  
zone's SOA record leave a lot to be desired.
They make syntactic sense. But no semantic sense. 

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