Slow unqualified queries

Mark Drummond mark at
Fri Oct 27 17:23:16 UTC 2006

I'm having a problem with delayed lookups on unqualified hostnames. I 
know this has something to do with my use of forwarders but I'm not sure 
how to fix it. querying fully qualified names works fine.

I have the following zones defined:

zone "" { type master; file "db.empire"; };

zone "empire.corp" {
         type forward;
         forward first;
         forwarders {;; };

So queries for *.empire.corp get forwarded, queries for * are 
handled locally.

I am pretty sure that, when I do an unqualified lookup, the delay is 
caused by the resolver trying to look up the hostname in empire.corp. 
But I don't know that for sure.

chodirsvr1 root / # time ping choappsvr4
choappsvr4 is alive

real    0m10.026s
user    0m0.003s
sys     0m0.006s
chodirsvr1 root / # time ping is alive

real    0m0.013s
user    0m0.003s
sys     0m0.006s

Any ideas?


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