Multiple CNAMEs - howto?

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Sat Oct 28 14:29:06 UTC 2006

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> Incoming messages is not a problem - they *should* come to uk1 
> primarily, and only to uk2 or 3 if the previous are unavailable.
> For that I have the setup:
>     IN MX 10 uk1
>     IN MX 20 uk2
>     IN MX 30 uk3
> It's for outgoing messages so users can either connect to 
> (which will in effect be a round-robin for 
> all 3 servers), or directly to uk1, 2 or 3.
> I believe mail clients use the A records for SMTP?

True.  You'll have to do multiple A records, multiple CNAMEs are not 
allowed by BIND.

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