ddns gives jnl permission denied

kalyanasundaram S s.kalyanasundaram at inbox.com
Tue Sep 5 06:24:20 UTC 2006

>    That looks like it.  I am running se linux.
> Now to figure out how to fix it.  I am tired, so

>> Why can't named update slave zone database files?

>> Why can't named create DDNS journal files or update the master zones
>> from journals?

yes i faced the same problem. It is all because of the SElinux. It allows the named
to have access only in /var/named (you can change the profile to have access in different path).
I use SuSE, so there Apparmor was running and i stoped (rcapparmor stop) and tried and it was working
dont know exactly redhat will have the same name or different.


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