BIND 9.4.0b2 is now available.

John Hascall john at
Wed Sep 6 04:28:54 UTC 2006

> 		BIND 9.4.0b2 is now available.
> 	BIND 9.4.0b2 contains security fixes:

> 	Please as a minimum please perform a test build on your
> 	operating system.  We don't have test platforms for every
> 	operating system and sometimes we accidently break builds.
> 	Now is the time to tell us about that.

   Built fine on several versions of NetBSD (1.6ZK .. 3.0)

   Failed to build on DEC/COMPAQ/HP Alpha V4.0F (alphaev68-dec-osf4.0f)

cc -std1 -pthread -std -g -o named  builtin.o client.o config.o \
control.o controlconf.o interfacemgr.o listenlist.o log.o logconf.o \
main.o notify.o query.o server.o sortlist.o tkeyconf.o tsigconf.o \
update.o xfrout.o zoneconf.o lwaddr.o lwresd.o lwdclient.o lwderror.o \
lwdgabn.o lwdgnba.o lwdgrbn.o lwdnoop.o lwsearch.o unix/os.o \
../../lib/lwres/liblwres.a ../../lib/dns/libdns.a \
../../lib/bind9/libbind9.a ../../lib/isccfg/libisccfg.a \
../../lib/isccc/libisccc.a ../../lib/isc/libisc.a -lpthread


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