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Barry Finkel b19141 at
Thu Sep 7 13:46:08 UTC 2006

"Mokwena Motseto" <Mokwena.Motseto at> wrote:

>I am working on windows 2003 servers, with ad and DNS, I get the
>following error
>could not locate a domain controller for this domain
>Does anyone know how to solve this problem

We need to know what process produces that message?  I do not remember
how W2k AD locates its domain controllers.  There should be an "A"
record for the domain:  IN  A  <address of DC>

(One "A" record for each Domain Controller.)

MS claims that this domain "A" record is for back-level LDAP clients.
I do not know what other software relies on these "A" records.  We have
an AD forest here separate from our AD forest that does not
have the domain "A" records; the administrator for that forest has not
reported any problems.
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