Best implementation of many zonfiles containing the same info (to avoid duplicate IP-nr)

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Fri Sep 8 15:45:09 UTC 2006

$INCLUDE seems to work but if the IP-nr change you still need to change
the serial number in each zone-file and restart bind to get it to work.

I know you can script such things but it would be so pleasant if the
only thing you need to do was to change the IP-nr in one single place.
CNAME would do it but is impossible to use.

Other suggestions?

// Martin

Karl Auer skrev:

> On Fri, 2006-09-08 at 05:05 -0700, news at wrote:
> > We would like to get around the problem of having the following line in
> > each zonefile:
> >          IN      A            X.X.X.X
> Use $INCLUDE and "@"?
> @ is the origin either as specified with $ORIGIN or the name of zone as
> given in the named.conf entry referring to the file.
> Put a line like "@ in a x.x.x.x" in a file like "" and put
> "$INCLUDE" in each zone file...
> See
> Regards, K.
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