Force TTL on a Caching Name Server

smallpond smallpond at
Fri Sep 8 19:20:27 UTC 2006

howting at wrote:
> > Hmm... OK. So if one of your users really likes Hemis (TM) and hits
> > frequently during the course of a day, you
> > think it's "perfect" for your nameserver to be querying mine 12 times as
> > often as it should be expected to (the TTL I've set on the RRset is 1
> > hour, but you're capping it at 5 minutes)? That's an interesting
> > definition of "perfect". It's certainly not "perfect" from the
> > perspective of my traffic load, my capacity planning for the future, my
> > budget, etc.
> The solution is by no means perfect for everyone, and definitely not
> good for a typical caching nameserver. We run a monitoring application
> so we must do a fresh DNS lookup often in order to make sure DNS
> servers are working. It is a unique requirement.

So why not do it correctly and bypass the caching nameserver?  You
can specify the nameserver to use in a DNS request.


-- S

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