Two domain names for one server

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> Hi,
> I have a domain name whose IP is A.B.C.D   .This is working
> I have another domain name,  which is registered by another
> agency and has a different name server.
> opens up the correct home page.
> I want that also open the same page, same site.
> I have setup CNAME  record as follows:
> value:
> Also, the A record has the IP address of as the IP address as
> A.B.C.D
> But still when I give as address in IE, it doesn't open
> up
> Separately, I tried URL forwarding ( -> but issue is
> that it after forwarding, the address it still shows as
> What am I missing?

If the IP Address is being resolved correctly from BIND based on the DNS
setup, you will need to configure your HTTP server to listen for both
host names on the same IP by using the <Virtual Host> directive in
Apache or by using multiple host headers in IIS. This should correct the
issue of the URL not changing.

Justin Dixon

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