Bind-9.3.1 problems with Logging Date

Albert E. Whale aewhale at
Wed Sep 13 04:18:29 UTC 2006

Never mind,  problem resolved.

Albert E. Whale wrote:
> I actually have two issues with the named (but only on one server).  The 
> first issue is that the Date/Time field is being logged in UTC format, 
> instead of Local time.  As I said this is only one of Many Server, and 
> all have similar configurations.  I have RTFM'd the FAQ indicated that 
> there was an issue with the chrooted version, which I am not currently 
> running.  Does anyone have any other suggestions where to lock?
> Another issue is when I attempt to load a large number of zones.  
> Similarly configured machines can load all of the zones in under 20 
> seconds.  This particularly challenged server cannot seem to manage the 
> load, even after 5 minutes.  I investigated suggestions with the 
> localhost definition not being the first entry in /etc/hosts, and have 
> corrected this ordering, without appreciable results.
> I would like BIND to log the correct information in syslog first, then 
> attempt to resolve the processing of the include file.
> Thanks in advance.

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