peculiar lookup timeouts

Adam Young adamy at
Wed Sep 13 18:21:26 UTC 2006

Hi Shaheen,

Yes, sorry.  I also get "SERVFAIL" until I restart bind.  I just looked at
my notes again from the last time I encountered the problem.

If anyone else has come across this and has any answers, I'd like to avoid
downgrading to Bind8 if possible.


Adam Young
Systems Support Technologist
Mountain Cablevision Ltd.

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> Adam Young wrote:
> > Hey guys,
> > Running Bind-9.3.2P1, three servers: ns1(master) ns2,ns3(slaves).  Every
> > once in a while a customer will call in saying that they cannot resolve
> a
> > particular domain.
> Am having the very same problem and also when i restart named
> everything returns to normal.
> i figured it was becuase the PIX firewall ASA which blocks queries
> bigger than 512 but even removing that rule didn't work.
> now I temporarly configured a BIND 8 server and forwarded public DNS
> servers to it.
> anyway my error is server failed not timed out

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