DNS configuration on our domain

Steve Ingraham singraham at okcca.net
Wed Sep 13 21:47:17 UTC 2006

>Hmmm... I thought Mark's lookup transcript(s) illustrated the problem 
>fairly well. A reverse lookup of the address yields the 
>two names mail.occa.state.ok.us and mymail.okcca.net, yet only one of 
>those names (mymail.okcca.net) resolves to the address. 
>The other name (mail.occa.state.ok.us) resolves to a different address 
> ( and thus raises an inconsistency.

>Generally speaking it's bad form to have a reverse (in-addr.arpa) name
>resolve to multiple PTRs. It's even worse, though, when one or more of
the >names in those PTRs resolve to some other address.

Thanks for the explanation.  I am afraid I am such a newbie that I need
this information hammered into my head in order to have it sink in.


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