DNS configuration on our domain

Gregory Hicks ghicks at cadence.com
Fri Sep 15 18:59:06 UTC 2006

Re: this line

> okcca.net MX Default 10 mail.okcca.net.

I think it hsould be

okcca.net. MX Default 10 mail.okcca.net.

Note trailing period on "occa.net" on left hand side.

> Subject: RE: DNS configuration on our domain
> Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 13:36:04 -0500
> From: "Steve Ingraham" <singraham at okcca.net>
> To: <comp-protocols-dns-bind at isc.org>
> I want to thank SM for his help with my MX record problems I have been
> having this week.  I would like also to thank everyone else who posted a
> reply to my request.  I believe I may have the MX record for okcca.net
> working correctly now but am not 100% sure.
> Thanks to information provided by SM, okcca.net's MX is pointing to the
> correct IP.  Also, I believe I have made all our domains (okcca.net,
> occa.state.ok.us, mail.occa.state.ok.us) consistent so all our domains
> MX records should be pointing to the same address (if anyone happens to
> notice any other problems when they look at our domain please let me
> know).
> Below is the last email I sent to SM spelling out the corrections I have
> made to okcca.net.  I am still a little concerned as to whether our
> okcca.net domain is receiving all emails.  One of the reasons for this
> concern is the fact that I have not received any emails from this BIND
> mail list since 7:00 pm Sep 13th.  I am sending this to the mail list
> but if I am still experiencing problems that keep me from seeing email
> delivered from this mail list I will be unable to read the post.  If
> this is the case I would ask that posters contact me through
> steveingraham at hotmail.com as well as posting to the mail list.  If there
> is anyone out there that can verify that my DNS settings are set
> appropriately and might have information on why I may not be receiving
> all emails after my changes to DNS I would appreciate hearing from you.
> I am not convinced that I have eliminated all of my email delivery
> problems.
> Thanks,
> Steve Ingraham
> >I made the change to this line to show:
> >
> >okcca.net    MX    Default    10 mail.okcca.net
> There is a MX record now.  You forgot a dot at the end of the 
> mail.okcca.net.  The correct form is:
> okcca.net MX Default 10 mail.okcca.net.
> >Ok, I have made this correction as stated above in my text.  There is
> >one exception however so I have a question.  My intention for switching
> >IP addresses from to was to move the
> >delivery reception task away from qmail and onto Exchange.  I have the
> >internal email server with Exchange 2000 and I have just put into place
> >another email server running Exchange 2003 named MXI2.  I would like to
> >move all incoming email to the MXI server instead of the qmail server
> >with the future goal of having the Exchange 2003 server on MXI2 handle
> >all the incoming email responsibilities.  So, with the changes you
> >spelled out above for the okcca.net domain can I leave the value for
> >mail.okcca.net at with no ill effects?  Also, if this
> >action resolves my problems of not having an MX for the okcca.net
> domain
> >I would like to attempt to set up the new Exchange 2003 server as the
> MX
> >for okcca.net.  What should I do to set up the new MXI2 server as the
> >MX?
> >>If you want to move the delivery from qmail to Exchange, change the 
> >>IP address of the mail.okcca.net record to point to 
> >>  There is no need to change the MX record.
> >>If the MXI2 server is on a different IP address, point the 
> >>mail.okcca.net (A) record to that IP address.  You do have a MX 
> >>record for okcca.net now.
> >Thank you so much for the time you have been willing to spend to
> explain
> >all of this to me.  I greatly appreciate your expertise and your time.
> >>As this question was initially posted to the BIND newsgroup, you 
> >>could post a follow-up with what the solution was.

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