DNS configuration on our domain

Steve Ingraham singraham at okcca.net
Fri Sep 15 19:34:46 UTC 2006

>> Re: this line
> > okcca.net MX Default 10 mail.okcca.net.

>> I think it hsould be

>> okcca.net. MX Default 10 mail.okcca.net.
>> Note trailing period on "occa.net" on left hand side.

>Without the word "default"  so...

>okcca.net. MX IN 10 mail.okcca.net.

Ok, again my apologies.  I am using WEBMIN as a GUI interface to manage
my BIND DNS.  When I posted these messages I cut and paste the text for
the okcca.net MX record from the WEBMIN display.  In WEBMIN when I view
the records for the domains I am presented the Name, Type, TTL and Value
for each record.  That is what I had pasted into my messages.  So the
"default" was the default time for TTL that the software uses.  I do
have the MX record for the okcca.net domain set up so that:

The name of the record is  - okcca.net.
The type of the record is  - MX
The value of the record is - 10 mail.okcca.net.

Steve Ingraham

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