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stevek stevek at
Mon Sep 18 15:36:04 UTC 2006

We are running Bind 9.2.3 on one of our recursive servers (FBSD 5-5) and 
it craches out every few days. Here is the log from today:

14-Sep-2006 08:09:11.901 createfetch: A
14-Sep-2006 08:09:11.926 createfetch: A
14-Sep-2006 08:09:11.963 createfetch: A
14-Sep-2006 08:09:12.025 /usr/src/lib/bind/isc/../../../contrib/bind9/lib/isc/mem.c:628: INSIST(((unsigned char *)mem)[size] == 0xbe) failed
14-Sep-2006 08:09:12.025 exiting (due to assertion failure)

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks -- sjk

Steven Kent
Chief Technical Officer
onShore Networks
fingerprint: pub  1024D/D2779F66 2004-04-07

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