DNS configuration on our domain

Steve Ingraham singraham at okcca.net
Tue Sep 19 15:06:23 UTC 2006

Mr. Hicks,
I was able to find a solution for the error message I asked about below.
I have resolved this error.  The fix for the error was found at:


Thank you for your time.
Steve Ingraham

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Subject: RE: DNS configuration on our domain

Mr. Hicks,
My apologies again for taking up your time, since I cannot seem to see
any posts to the BIND mail list I do not feel that I can post to the
list and expect an answer to my questions.

I am attempting to make some changes to my SOA settings after reviewing
my domain's DNS records using:

In the /var/named/ folder I ran the command:

	# rndc reload okcca.net.zone

This error message came up:
	rndc: connection to remote host closed
	This may indicate that the remote server is using an older
version of
	the command protocol, this host is not authorized to connect,
	or the key is invalid.

Are you familiar with this error?  Is this something I need to correct
and if so, do you have any information on what needs to be done?  I have
noticed this message before when I was attempting to start the named
service using a GUI for the services but did not know what it meant.

Any information you can provide would be appreciated.

PS:  I have cc'd the mail list on this message in hopes that somehow my
message will go to the mail list and someone else will see this message
also.  If so, I would ask that someone contact me with any information
on the cause of my inability to see any posts to the BIND mail list.

Steve Ingraham
Director of Information Services
Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals
singraham at okcca.net
405 522-5343

> I am afraid I do not understand what is going on with my domain so I
> not sure I can quite say what is or is not working.  I have some
> concerns with how email delivery is functioning but do not know what
> be looking for and consequently what I may need to do to correct the
> problem.  I know this is not necessarily a problem that you or others
> may be able to resolve.  However, I am hoping that your expertise can
> guide me to how to resolve some of the problems I have been having.
> Prior to my loss of receiving emails last week I was able to hear from
> poster named SM on the BIND mail list that was able to direct me
> some resolutions.  However since I made those changes that he
> recommended I have not been able to receive any emails from the mail
> list.  It appears that I am receiving emails from pretty much
> else, just not from the BIND mail list (except your emails for some
> reason).  I am concerned that our domain is not receiving all emails
> sent to our users.


I think that the list itself is having problems.

The last mail I received from bind-users was on 15 Sep.

Also, I forwarded your mail to the list but have not seen a copy yet.
(It normally takes about 10-15 minutes for me to receive my copy.)

I can send you a note from my isp @well.com.  That is just another test
and would not be exhaustive.  But it would be an indicator that your
mail was working.

Is anyone complaining that they are not receiving mail yet?  If not,
then they probably are.  (I know that at MY company, if users don't get
their mail, they are vociferous in their complaints!  And with 7K
users, it doesn't take long before a ticket (complaint) is escalated
*VERY* high up.)

I realize that this is not the 'proof' that everything works that you
want, but What do your smtp logs say?  (You *do* have logging enabled
right?  If for no other reason than to give you a check to see if
'stuff' is being received.  This is what MY logs are used for...)

On my mailgates (5), if I watch my logs, I get a new entry about every
second - on EACH.  We get about 6-7GB of mail per day...

Gregory Hicks

> I appreciate your help.
> Steve Ingraham

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