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Anders Norrbring lists at
Wed Sep 20 07:04:54 UTC 2006

Hiya all!
First, I'm really new to bind, so please bear with me on this..

I'm looking at setting up a local DNS for our networks. It should only 
resolve the local network hosts.

I make use of external DNS servers to resolv our domain and MX records, 
so this new server should only act as a caching DNS, and serve the local 
IPs to the clients "inside" our firewalls.
Of course, I could enter local IP addresses in the external DNS, but it 
somehow doesn't "feel right" to serve IPs like 192.168.x.x to the world..

I tried to do some googling on this, and searched the mailing list 
archives, but frankly I don't really know what search terms to use for a 
setup like this.
Can somebody please point me in the right direction for this?

Anders Norrbring

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