Problem named-xfer

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Thu Sep 21 02:05:22 UTC 2006

hudsonmelo wrote:
> I have a problem when restarting in.named in a secondary name server:
> 19-Sep-2006 14:59:11.091 default: notice: named-xfer ""
> exited with signal 4
> What is this?
I remember named-xfer! That's the program that BIND 4 and BIND 8 used to 
invoke for zone transfers, isn't it? Boy, does that bring back memories. 
You got that running in a museum somewhere? :-)

Seriously, signal 4 could theoretically mean different things on 
different systems, but the standardized meaning -- possibly even an ISO 
standard since my signal mnemonic listing on Solaris 9 appears to have 
been moved to /usr/include/sys/iso/signal_iso.h -- seems to be "illegal 
instruction". From that, my guess would be that your named-xfer binary 
is corrupt somehow. A less plausible explanation is that you've managed 
to stumble on a bug in named-xfer. If so, this bug may already be fixed 
in a later version of BIND. You didn't specify what version of BIND you 
were running, so it's impossible for us to tell that.

Rather than chase down the problem with named-xfer, though, I'd strongly 
recommend investing the time and effort in upgrading/migrating to BIND 
9. BIND 9 doesn't use named-xfer, so whatever problem you're having with 
that should go away.

               - Kevin

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