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>> > > >     These will almost always be the result of a bad delegation.
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>> > > What do yuo mean by bad delegation? the domains am trying to resolve
>> > > are not hosted on my servers, they are external domains.
>> >
>> > He means that there's some mismatch between the way that the domain is
>> > delegated and the actual configuration of the servers it's delegated to.
>> > It's not your problem, it's a problem with those external domains --
>> > their DNS administrators have screwed up in some way.
>> Ok I understand but why does it resolve just fine after restarting the named
>The first time named accesses a domain, it uses the information in the 
>delegation to find the authoritative servers.  The authoritative servers 
>often include their version of the NS records in the response, and this 
>then gets cached in its place.  These records may cause problems later 
>when the TTL of the original delegation expires -- for instance, there 
>may not be any glue records for them.
>> daemon? if it is an issue form outside my network why does it occur only
>> within it? i mean other DNS servers at other places can resolve just fine.
>That's harder to explain.  Sometimes it's a timing issue, other times 
>it's due to the version of BIND being used.

Or perhaps your query was the first one in a long enough time for all
information to have timed out, or the first one since that server was

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