S: Example named.conf file for Win32

René Berber rberber at mailandnews.com
Mon Sep 25 07:31:59 UTC 2006

Alex wrote:

> I'm just migrating a bind 9.3.2 installation from unix to win32, where
> no named.conf file is written after installation.
> I could not find an example file an am unsure, if i can use my unix file
> - of course with some modifications ;)

Yes, you can use your unix file.  Bind is the same (taking into account
versions) the only thing that changes is the place, in Windows the
configuration goes in:


and I usually define in named.conf where the rest of the configuration
is, using "directory ..."   There is some documentation specific for
the Windows port in the readme1st.txt file.

René Berber

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