BIND non-cached resolution taking 2-4 seconds each time

Gonzalo HIGUERA DÍAZ gonhidi at
Tue Sep 26 10:38:46 UTC 2006

2006-09-16 07:43:50 -0700, ee99ee at <ee99ee at>:
> I'm having a problem with BIND 9 taking FOREVER to resolve DNS
> requests. Both are fresh installs of CentOS on PIII hardware. Both are
> in a well connected network (2 full DS-3's that aren't very used from
> two providers; we do our own BGP).

Are you using the default BIND version for that install (9.2.4, seing
RHEL4), and are your IPv6 drivers enabled without the box being
IPv6-networked? Disabling IPv6[1] could do the trick (maybe related to
an issue discussed some time ago[2,...]).

[1] "How do I disable the IPv6 protocol?" Red Hat Knowledgebase URL:

[2] "Disabling lookups to nameservers with IPv6 addresses?"
bind9-users list archive URL:

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