Kirk "kirkb at dogsplace dot net" at
Wed Sep 27 12:28:13 UTC 2006

broadcast wrote:
> Hello,
> Mark Andrews wrote:
>> 	 Whan named asks for the address records
>> 	(A/AAAAA) from the zone it gets back NXDOMAIN which it then
>> 	caches.  Subsequent lookups will then fail.
> I decreased the negative caching to one second on the servers, removed
> forwarders and untill now it seems to be working fine
> max-ncache-ttl 1;
> am not sure how is this related to the problem but it seems to be
> working somehow.

Forgive me if this is not true, but it seems that you are
mis-understanding the point being made by most everyone that has
kindly replied to your questions.

The problem you are experiencing is *most* likely *not* a
mis-configuration on your part, but on the DNS administrators
responsible for the domains which are failing.

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