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> Hello,
> Kirk wrote:
> > Forgive me if this is not true, but it seems that you are
> > mis-understanding the point being made by most everyone that has
> > kindly replied to your questions.
> >
> > The problem you are experiencing is *most* likely *not* a
> > mis-configuration on your part, but on the DNS administrators
> > responsible for the domains which are failing.
> Well, Thank you Kirk for the enlightment, I know exactly what Mark and
> others were talking about and I am sure that there is a problem with
> the remote DNS configuration.
> what am trying to do is find a work around or something that will keep
> our customers satisfied. when other providers don't face such problems
> and am facing them then the customers will so easly just move.

What makes you so sure other providers aren't having the same problem?  
Virtually all of them are running BIND, which behaves pretty much the 
same for everyone.

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