when to reload a zone with $include

Dixon, Justin Justin.Dixon at BBandT.com
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> Hey all,
> Here's the situation:
> We're going to have at least part of our reverse DNS setup for a
> of our zones generated by database (via a script I've written), but at
> least part of the zonefile remains constant.
> The plan was to just have the db-driven entries put into a separate
> file, and then include that into the master zonefile.  This works well
> enough, but I cannot figure out the answer to:
> How can I communicate when this has been changed to the slaves (or the
> master for that matter)?  I could in theory just keep running "zsu"
> against the main zonefile, and keep forcing a retransfer (even as
> slowly as once a day), but that seems wasteful.  I don't want to go
> length of making this a true dynamic zone, as these things are not
> subject to change that often.
> Running a DB-driven BIND is also overkill, we're not talking about
> thousands of zones, just one.
> Someone has to have come across this before.
> -Dan

You could probably have whatever script is copying the "db-driven"
entries to a file also write to a separate file that contains all of
your SOA information for this zone and just have it update the serial
number each time it writes. Just use an $include for the SOA part of the
zone, enter your manual stuff and an $include for the "db-driven"

Once that has been done just have the script reload the zone with rndc
and if you haven't turned off notifies, then everything should get the
updates once BIND finishes reloading the zone and the slaves get the
notify or recognize that the serial has changed.



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