APIs for Management and More

John Hascall john at iastate.edu
Thu Sep 28 04:06:08 UTC 2006

> John Hascall <john at iastate.edu> wrote:
> >   In any event, although not (well) documented in all cases,
> >   network protocols for all of these exist.
> That's all well and good, but would you really want to implement the 
> clients for these protocols from scratch if there were already an API?

I can think of several reasons, among them them:
  + the library that implements the api isn't available
    for your platform or language,
  + the library/api doesn't do something you need (for example
    "multiple master dynamic dns"),
  + the library does far more than you need and
    is just extra bloat and a source of security or other bugs,
  + the license on the library is incompatible with your use
and so on.

> BTW, the person who answered with references to rndc, dig, nsupdate, 
> etc. apparently doesn't know what "API" means.

Perhaps, but perhaps for some people it would also be a reasonable


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