APIs for Management and More

Stefan Puiu stefan.puiu at gmail.com
Thu Sep 28 07:03:42 UTC 2006

On 9/27/06, xeroxero <xeroxero at newsgroups.nospam> wrote:
>   2. control the server (stop/start/etc)

There's libisccc in the BIND distribution (I guess it stands for 'ISC
command channel'), but it was mostly undocumented last time I looked
at the code. You'll have to start with examples, i.e. the rndc code.

>   3. verify zone information (eg query for records to
>          mimic NSLOOKUP functionality)

There's a section on programming using the resolver library in the
Cricket book (chapter 15 in the 4th edition). However, I don't know if
you want to use libresolv.

>   4. update records

libresolv can also help with that.

>   5. create/manage delegation across many zones

If something like this was distributed with BIND, do you think you'd
still have to edit zone files when delegating zones? I guess you'll
have to come up with something custom.

>   I have searched quite a few web sites, as well as this newsgroup,
> and have not seen  anything definitive. I also have the O'Reilly
> "Cricket Book", but don't see anything there either.
>   Any links, pointers, etc would be greatly appreciated. I must create
> a custom management tool with C#.
>   Thanks.


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