APIs for Management and More

David Nolan vitroth+ at cmu.edu
Thu Sep 28 14:53:30 UTC 2006

--On Wednesday, September 27, 2006 15:50:39 -0400 Kevin Darcy 
<kcd at daimlerchrysler.com> wrote:

>>   Any links, pointers, etc would be greatly appreciated. I must create
>> a custom management tool with C#.
> Why are you locked into using C#? Is this a homework assignment? All of
> the above can be done with components of the BIND distribution and/or
> commonly-available and free scripting tools.

And if you want a complete management tool suite there are several out 
there, both commercial systems and open source projects.  The commercial 
packages are quite expensive, and in my opinion the open source systems are

Plug:  Check out Carnegie Mellon's NetReg, http://www.net.cmu.edu/netreg 
Check out my previous posts on this list for more details, such as this 

Disclaimers:  I'm the current primary maintainer, so I'm biased, but I 
think NetReg already meets a very large percentage of most needs in a Bind 
management tool...  And you get DHCP management and IP Address Management 
too.  I also provide installation and support contracts.


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