Nslookup Times Out on A Lookup To Well-Known Hosts

Will westes-usc at noemail.nospam
Sat Sep 30 00:05:27 UTC 2006

"Steve Ingraham" <singraham at okcca.net> wrote in message
news:efjjnu$1f45$1 at sf1.isc.org...
> I am no expert on this as I am learning a great deal reading these posts
> myself.  However, I did have a similar problem attempting an "nslookup".
> In my case what I discovered was that I was attempting to do the lookup
> while using my internal DNS server instead of an external DNS server
> that was looking from outside my firewall.

The nslookup is pointing directly at our internal DNS server, which is
definitely configured to do recursive queries (i.e., "smart" lookups).   It
does work for 98% of the Internet.   For about 2% of all hosts it is
failing, and that is impacting service of the mail server, so it's a serious
thing I need to get fixed.


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