BIND8 entering end of life; changes to (affects mirrors)

Chris Thompson cet1 at
Sun Aug 12 22:59:31 UTC 2007

On Aug 10 2007, Adam Tkac wrote:

>I don't think this is good idea. I don't know how many servers are BIND 
>8 but if all BIND 8  servers will be replaced by BIND 9 it means that 
>about 70% servers are BIND 9. I don't want imagine what could happen if 
>someone find security hole in BIND 9 and start massive attack against 
>DNS. Better could be wait to BIND 10 and put BIND 8  to EOL when BIND 10 
>will be released.

This would only make sense if BIND 10 were a recode-from-scratch exercise
to the same extent as BIND 9 was. Somehow, I don't see that happening.

Chris Thompson
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