Strange BIND 9.4.1-P1 problem

Adam Tkac atkac at
Thu Aug 16 11:26:40 UTC 2007

Tony Earnshaw napsal(a):
> Adam Tkac skrev, on 16-08-2007 11:52:
> [...]
>>> 1: Report which OS and version you are running bind on. For example, 
>>> bind 9.4.1-P1 running in production as external caching and 
>>> authoritative for 5 internal zones on  2 Red Hat RHL5 i386 and x86_64 
>>> servers, plus ditto FC6 i386 test machine is utterly stable;
>> If you aren't using vanilla BIND (compiled directly from ISC) better 
>> should be report bug to your OS vendor which serve your BIND. Btw I 
>> can't believe that change from 9.4.1 to 9.4.1P1 could cause any problem. 
>> You could look into 9.4.1 -> 9.4.1P1 diff (really clear diff) and you 
>> will see what's going about ;)
> (sic)
> I never wrote that I was having problems, quite reverse, in fact.  Oh 
> yes, and *you* are my vendor ;)
> --Tonni
Yes, it wasn't addressed directly to you. But for all pesimistic people 
which believe that core dump was caused by change from 9.4.1 -> 9.4.1P1 
. If anyone has problems with this change it means he had something 
incorrectly configured :)


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