Just how "BAD" is doing this?

Tuc at T-B-O-H.NET ml at t-b-o-h.net
Thu Aug 16 18:39:41 UTC 2007


	I've got a long/twisted story, and I'll understand if
I hear crickets on this.

	I own a legacy /24 allocation from ARIN. (From 1992).
For reasons, I can't change the DNS servers listed on the 
IN-ADDR.ARPA record. They are lets say they are a.example.com and
b.example.com .

	I also keep example.com renewed year to year just to keep
being able to provide DNS for a and b. (There are HOST records in
NetworkSolutions for A and B, but I would imagine once I terminate
the example.com domain name, they'll terminate too...)

	The problem is, I don't do the hosting anymore for A and B.
What I've done is outsource it to 8.example2.com and 13.example2.com .
I just point a to 8 and b to 13. Ok, yea, when you look at the NS
records, it shows 8 and 13, not A and B like ARIN expects.

	So the first questions is "Just how bad is what I'm doing"?

	THEN, a few days ago A/8 failed. The provider is working on
fixing it, but its DEAD. No power to it from what I understand. 
Ok, well, there is B/13, so all should be good... No?    NO.....

	A major email provider and major cable ISP have started to
deny mail inbound to them saying that I don't have any valid PTR
records. HUH??!! When I contacted the cable ISP, they told me to
either get the A/8 server working (Um, of course) or remove it from
the ARIN records. HUH?!?!?!? Isn't the whole idea of multiple servers
that if one doesn't answer, the other(s) does(do)?

	So is it maybe because of what I stated above that something
is happening, like they ask ARIN for the NS's, get A+B, then ask
A, fail, ask B and get an answer, but then also get NS records pointing
to 8/13 and say "Lets not trust it"?

			Thanks, Tuc

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