global option overriding zone option - sort of

David Birdsong davidb at
Sat Aug 25 04:33:00 UTC 2007

I have  "notify no;" set in my global options, and 'notify yes;' set
in a zone which is part of a view.   If I update the SOA # of this
zone, run rndc reload, Bind logs that a notify is being sent, but
nothing shows on the slave which is present as an NS record and
nothing shows in my tcpdump session on the master server when it
claims to be sending a notification.

If I add an 'also notify {slave servers;}' inside the zone, it
notifies as expected.
 because of this, I started thinking that I had the NS records for
the slaves possibly incorrect, but...

If I turn off the global 'notify no;' and remove the 'also notify;',
it notifies as expected which indicates that gluing more IP's to the
notify list is not required, that the master is properly notifying any
member NS records.

Bind is saying and doing two different things.  By not sending any
notify, it appears that my global option is overriding my zone level
option, yet the Bind's logging claims that it is sending a notify
which implies that option precedence is working as expected.  Who is
it sending the notify to?

Master and Slave are  9.3.2

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