BIND 8 is EOL as of 27 August 2007

Jaap Akkerhuis jaap at
Thu Aug 30 08:39:52 UTC 2007

    > Out of curiosity - anybody knows why there were version 4 and then 
    > version 8? Not, let's say, 5?
    	To bring it into line with sendmail's major version if
    	I remember correctly.
Well, something like that. As far as I remember, when the original
BSD 4.2 (BSD for the VAX with true virtual memory and an IP/TCP
stack) got released, it was decided to homonize the SCCS major
release bunbers of the various sub systems. Apparently 8 was the
highest number (and even more vaguely I remember that that had to
do with BSD 2.8). Sendmail got bumped from 5(?) to 8, the same number
the brand new rewrite of BIND got.

Paul might be a better source to answer this.


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