Allowing zone xfer to slave server -SOLVED

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Fri Aug 31 21:38:33 UTC 2007

> For the 2nd time in one week Im embarassed to admit how  this was resolved bu
> t I figure it could help someone else down the road.
> I was updating the zone file on the primary DNS server and  append
> ing the new DNS records to the end of the file.
> I would then go back to the slave server and tail the zone file and wait for 
> it to appear.  It never would.
> I finally did a cat on the zone file on the secondary server and noticed that
>  the serial # was updating but for some reason my records weren't being added
> . I took a closer look at the zone file on the secondary server and noticed t
> he DNS records were being sorted sorted alphabetically so my record that star
> ted with a "R" wasn't going to appear on the bottom. I had been tailing the z
> one file waiting for it to appear at the bottom just like I added it on the p
> rimary server the whole time. 
> So, I spent a day thinking things weren't working when in fact they were.
> /hides
> Thx..

	AXFR/IXFR doesn't transfer the file.  It transfers the data
	that makes the zone contents.
	You arn't the first make this mistake and you won't be the

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