From RHEL to CentOS BIND 9

isplist at isplist at
Tue Dec 4 17:14:51 UTC 2007

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the help.

> Since they're basically the same operating system (but possibly
> different versions - you didn't say),

I'm going from bind 9.2.5-3 to bind 9.3.3 on the new CentOS servers. All 
versions are chroot.

> just copy over named.conf and all of its includes to the new master
> server. Then copy over the zone files.

So basically just copy all of the zone files and named.conf over to the new 
servers and edit configurations from there once they see the information?

I think something is messed up on the old dns server. I just tried to tar the 
whole thing up and that ruined my named.conf. Luckily, I had a backup so my 
DNS server is back up.I also see that /proc is now linked to my 
/var/named/chroot dircetory. Guess I need to learn a little about chrooted 
things :). So, how can I safely copy all that I need for the new server then?

> If you're using the chroot environment package on one server but not
> the other, be aware that the paths will be a bit different. Without
> the chroot environment:

This was something that caught my attention. The named.conf files are indeed 
in /var/named/chroot/etc but no links to /etc/named.conf were created by the 
installer RPM. I added those myself later. There is a link for the rndc.key 

I'll move on to slave once I get this one working or this message will end up 
being hugely long :).


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