From RHEL to CentOS BIND 9

isplist at isplist at
Wed Dec 5 19:33:06 UTC 2007

> No, they aren't -- at least according to your posts:

As I said, in the FAQ, they have;

>If named is invoked as "named -t /chroot/DNS" with the following named.conf 
>then "/chroot/DNS/var/named/sl" needs to be writable by the user named is 
>running as.

Again, it's not me complicating this but the FAQ and other things I've been 
reading don't seem to agree in paths and other things. I would have thought 
the RPM would have created the s directory if it's needed. Instead, I figured 
it was slaves since that one was created.

Also, the FAQ states;
which is not just s nor is there a DNS directory but the named directory is 
there of course.

Are you telling me I need to create an s directory or an sl directory under 
named now?

> And in your named.conf:
> zone "" {
> type slave;
> file "s/";
> masters {

> There is no "s" folder in /var/named/chroot/var.

Correct and I've been told to simply copy my files over and not to complicate 
anything, which is what I've been doing :).
> The SELINUX error is exactly that, an SELINUX error -- it has nothing to
> do with BIND.  If you are receiving permission denied, it is filesystem
> permission errors -- again, nothing to do with BIND.

I've turned it off since then so it's not in the mix.
> It seems to me like you aren't even trying to find answers to your own
> problems, you are relying on the mailing list to setup your NS for you.
> All of these questions and more are covered in the BIND Admin Guide, and
> even better, in DNS & Bind (Oreilly).

Right, that must be it. Figured I'd count on the community so I don't spend a 
week at this. You're right, it's so wrong of me. No one is forcing you to help 
me you know. I have the BIND book, I have the FAQ, I have the Internet, I have 
YOU and still it's not working.

So yeah, I'm counting on the community at this point else I'll have to use a 
freaking MS machine.


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