From RHEL to CentOS BIND 9

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Wed Dec 5 19:38:21 UTC 2007

> > I really think an introductory book to BIND will help you immensely.
> As I said in another message, not everyone wants to become guru of everything
> they touch. I've never needed to mess with installing a chrooted server and 
> won't often have to so learning everything about it is a waste of time. 
> I just need to get this machine moved over to a new one, learning just enough
> to get it running so they can update it and keep maintaining the records as 
> they always have. They have never had any DNS problems so a nice running dns 
> server is all that's needed in this case.
> I like to use open source as much as possible because I'm sick of seeing 
> companies using MS because it's 'so easy' to do. We need to help each other 
> and support each other and keep OS alive!
> Mike

	Tell the SELinux people to leave the DNS alone.  SELinux has
	caused more support issues that anything else since its

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