From RHEL to CentOS BIND 9

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Wed Dec 5 22:50:59 UTC 2007

Hey Kirk,

> The last thing we need is MS guy's snickering.

Off topic for just one second... ain't nothing worse than being at a meeting, 
telling management that Linux can do the job better, the MS guy's giving you a 
hard time.. and stuff not coming together as easily as you say it will when 
it's time to show your stuff. Lordy!!! The MS guy's LOVE that.

> You said many emails above that the original RHEL *is* chroot.  Now you are
> saying that the original is *not* chroot?

No, I but I need a beer badly so might not be writing what I'm thinking 
anymore :). The RHEL version was chroot. The CentOS version was also chroot 
*after* a yum update after a new install. Can't tell you why since I didn't 
ask for it specifically, I just did yum update and only bind was installer at 
that point, not bind-chroot.
> I turn the darn thing off on most of my installs as well.  It's unfortunate
> though because the idea behind it is great from a security standpoint.  Its
> just too dang hard to understand.  8^)

Sometimes, it's best to have a little less security up front, so that we can 
install all that we need, then add the security as we start to tidy up the 
system. Get's too complicated when too many things are turned on by default.

> Sounds like you got the primary up.  Good Work dude!!!

Ya, looking at my watch, it's beer:30, the secondary will have to wait :).
>Dont get too frustrated with the guys on the list, they are doing their best 
>to provide *free* support in their spare time.  Trust me, they have pulled my
>arse outa the fire a time or two.

I'm not. I've been around since manual slackware installs. It is however 
frustrating to see RTFM over and over again. One guy even accused me of not 
wanting to read anything and asking the list first. Jeesus... WHO CARES! If 
someone wants to ask the list before reading endless amounts of documentation, 
so what? Help them before scaring them into feeling too stupid to try. 

I'm just one of those guys who badly wants to see open source and Linux 
continue to be what it is and can be. We'd all be calling MS support if it 
weren't here. 

End Soapbox-Beer time.

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