one more nsupdate question..

Jack Tavares j.tavares at
Mon Dec 10 08:18:21 UTC 2007

That is unfortunate.
I was pretty sure I was out of luck, but I wanted to ask to make sure I wasn't missing
some "trick" somewhere.
I know that if I use a 
prereq yxrrset
for the record that the MX references
prereq yxrrset A
update add in MX 123
I at least get a NXRRSET error, which is a little better.

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> Using bind9.4.2, if I attempt to add a MX record using nsupdate
> and there is no A record that matches I get a operation refused message.
> [I understand why it fails]
> What I would like to be able to do is to give a better error message
> back to my user.
> Is there anyway to get a better error message out of nsupdate?
> for example:
> > update add 500 in MX 123
> >
> update failed: REFUSED
> Thanks

Unfortunately, since nsupdate uses the DNS protocol, and the protocol
has very limited error-reporting details, there's nothing nsupdate can
do to improve on this.  The DNS protocol has about a half dozen error
codes, and none of them are specific to this.

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