how to get a list like "domains using this as nameserver" ?

Alan Clegg Alan_Clegg at
Wed Dec 26 19:20:20 UTC 2007

> How can I get a list of domains using my ns server?

I think the true answer to this is, "you can find the people that you
know about, but all of the ones that you don't, you can't find".

What does that mean, you ask?  Here's the problem I have:

I offered secondary service for a small ISP years ago.  They had
customers that would go out and register domain names and use the same
nameservers as they had been told by that ISP to use, but not tell
anyone (or the ISP would forget to tell me).

To this day, I'm still running into domains that I've never heard of
that have the IP address of my nameserver listed in NS records and with
registrars around the world.

You CAN find information if you are not allowing recursion on your
authoritative servers (a good thing) and are logging denied requests
(good if you have space and time) and are willing to go to the trouble
of tracking back a bit (if you have lots of time and nothing better to do).

This log entry:

20-Dec-2007 19:41:49.952 security: info: client XX.XX.XX.XX#32770: query
(cache) '' denied

combined with whois data on and I found one..
Contacted the ISP and there we go!  All fixed.

Now, for domains that never get any queries...

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