using cname for redirection?

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> Thank you Bill and Barry.
> I wasn't sure if GoDaddy used a CNAME, or just pointed 
> "webmail.<godaddycustomerdomain>.com" to the same IP address as 
> "".

Why don't you just type "dig webmail.<godaddycustomerdomain>.com" and 

> Either way, anyone using "" is redirected to the 
> site, and their own domain is appended in a query string 
> and pre-supplied as the mailserver login...or you can manually enter it, so 
> my redirection in this case doesn't cause problems. The MX records for the 
> domain are records in either case.
> I've only used CNAMES to alias multiple names to the same IP within the 
> domain, like aliasing to wasn't sure if 
> you could actually point to a different domain with a CNAME...thanks for 
> that clarification.

Why would you think you couldn't?  A CNAME just says "Restart your 
lookup using this name instead."  In fact, CNAMEs tend to be MOST useful 
when they cross domain boundaries, as they're often for the kind of 
thing you're doing -- you don't want to hard-code someone else's IP in 
your domain in case they change it.

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