Can BIND on vpn use name servers assigned via DHCP by ISP?

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Thu Feb 8 00:47:02 UTC 2007

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> Hi,
> I have setup a home gateway (2 ethernet cards, one on the WAN and the other 
> on my private network (vpn)).
> The WAN interface gets configured via DHCP from my ISP.  The ISP also 
> provides the addresses of its primary and backup nameservers. I believe 
> these get written into /etc/resolv.conf
> The VPN interface has a private static IP address, and a local DNS server 
> runs off this interface for the rest of the clients on the vpn.
> Anyway, so far, this a very vanilla setup.  But I am not sure how to make 
> the local DNS forward every query it receives to the nameservers that appear 
> in /etc/resolv.conf
> Anyone know how to configure the local DNS to do that?  Caching on the local 
> DNS would also be nice, but the forwarding bit is more important to me right 
> now.

named doesn't make use of resolv.conf, it uses the "forwarders" option 
in named.conf.

You could run a cron job every minute that checks whether resolv.conf 
has changed, and if so it copies the servers into the forwarders option 
of named.conf and runs "rndc reconfig".

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