Syncing Multiple (like, 10) Views using TSIG.. example?

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Sat Feb 17 01:44:19 UTC 2007

Thom Brooks wrote:
> I have looked at the man pages and reviewed the mailing list archives, but 
> have not yet found a solution...
> We have multiple views on a master DNS server running BIND 9.3.
> One of them is 'outside' and there are about six or seven 'internal' views 
> (one per VLAN/subnet).
> This was necessary because some of the machines (file servers) in our 
> environment have multiple IP addresses so that if a client from the 'design' 
> department asks for the file server address, it can access it directly without 
> having to go through the router or firewall. If a client from the 'staff' 
> subnet asks for the same hostname, it'll get a different IP, etc.
> I have seen the example config of 9.3 using TSIG that is supposed to let AXFRs 
> happen with just one IP address for master and slave servers.
> The master is configured and appears to work correctly. It answers queries 
> from different internal subnets, and the main external view, correctly.
> However, the slave seems to be getting the views screwed up. I'm sure that 
> it's not configured properly... because 'internal only' (eg 192.168.x.x) 
> addresses are showing up in the external, 'public' view, and vice versa. I 
> think I'm probably not using ! (bang) to negate specific keys in 
> the match-clients statement.
> But rather than post specific configuration files here, could I make a request 
> that would benefit a lot more people who may be trying to do the same thing 
> and ask if someone could kindly extend the example seen at 
> to perhaps include views 'internal1' and 
> 'internal2', and copy that example config respond to my message here?
> Thanks for your time.
Views are ugly, we use sortlist for this kind of thing where possible.

- Kevin

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