Virtual Hosts don't work with "www"

Stefan Puiu stefan.puiu at
Mon Feb 19 13:59:19 UTC 2007

Peter, list, sorry for that, I don't know how the message got so
scrambled. Here it is, reposted:
Hi Jarek,

On 2/19/07, Jarek Buczyński <jaro80 at> wrote:

>    > Do you have entries for www.xx in your zone files ?

>   You can look at my zone file at first message

dig will find whatever BIND serves from its zone file. If there's no
entry for www.xx in your zone file,  don't expect dig to find it.

Add the entries to the zone file and try again. When you added the
"www" entry, you only set up the " " entry, not
"" - it doesn't work like that.

>    > Can you do a dig (or nslookup ) ?

>   No I can't dig any host with "www", but all without "www"

IIRC, you said that doesn't work either, correct? Have
you tried running named-checkzone on the zone file too see if it finds
any errors?

If it's a public domain, you can also use to do some
checks on your configuration.


On 2/19/07, Peter Dambier <peter at> wrote:
> Sorry Stefan,
> it is not readable here.
> Stefan Puiu wrote:
> > "Z­éÿ:}¿×ßôïòZ­é¹ÌòþÉ"þ6«£Íÿ‚f¢—÷(›ü+¢×ÿÿÿÿü:2¢èZ½ç§¶¸ž±ú+Ãÿǧʋ«Î‰Þ~)^³ÿÿb‹œjyh¢F­›,èçâ•æ­~*ì¶g¬±¨
v(0ŠY_Šwp…«^½êÁ Ðìz»Þ±úèš+lΉÞ~)^ü‡í…êÞþÉèz{kÉú+Ãÿǧʋ«Î‰Þ~)^ýÚ'þ×±¥ç-v(-¡ø§v+ÿ×m…秶¸ž²Ú-…ìèçâ•æ§vÚòj¢Ÿõ¡z|¨¹§]yÛa{ü0Ã÷§¶¼ÿÊ‹¨ž\¬zÛ(c)¶ÿÃÿv‰šŠ?ÞvïÞžÚòþz-ÿ0ý(c)ò¶§ƒ÷h™¨§ýçnÿø­v‡¬Ÿûp¢¹%ŠG­…«ÿü&§Ê‹¡§bƒú+žÉh¢K(c)ÿ0þ
> > ,·_Ý¡(c)¢Ÿ÷»ÿÿ6‚
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