Force reload when include changes

Andy Shellam (Mailing Lists) andy.shellam-lists at
Wed Feb 28 09:45:46 UTC 2007

I have a small 2-server Bind 9.3.4 (soon to move to 9.4.0) installation 
of 15 domains, which are all serviced by the same mail servers.
The Bind servers are set up in a typical primary->secondary setup.

Therefore I have an included file, common to all 15 zone files, which 
contains the MX records.

If I make a change to the included file only, and reload the master, the 
master applies the changes successfully.  However the slaves aren't 
notified of the change (presumably because the serial numbers haven't 

So, what I have to do, is either change the serial number in every zone 
file and then reload the master, or I have to remove the transferred 
zone files off the slave and reload it so it forces a zone transfer off 
the master.

I would imagine there's someone out there who's come across this on a 
larger scale than myself, I'm just wondering how other people have 
handled it?



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