BIND 8.2.4 vulnerability scope

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Wed Jan 3 15:09:59 UTC 2007

Even though BIND 8 is dead, it supports the 'rrset-order fixed'
option and BIND 9 does not.

While the support for the 'rrset-order fixed' option has been
added to BIND 9.4, 9.4 does not have an official release.  It
is in 'release candidate' state.

If you require 'rrset-order fixed;', like I do, then you're
stuck with BIND 8 until an official release of BIND 9.4.
I use BIND 8.4.7, released in December of 2005.

I am running BIND 9.4.0RC1 on a few test name servers and so
far I haven't had a problem.

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> I've identified a bind 8.2.4 installation for which we are determining
> options for updating or remediating vulnerabilities. According the to
> the BIND vulnerability matrix, 8.2.4 is listed as vulnerable to a
> number of attacks, including, "libbind", "DoS_multi", "sigrec" and
> "negcache." From what I can tell, each of these relates to a flaw in
> handling of answers to recursive queries.
> Question is, is disabling recursion on the affected host enough to
> mitigate all known vulnerabilities against this software version, or
> do any of the known flaws work via non-recursive queries as well?
> Also, is the community aware of any holes in this version of the
> software that may not have made it into the vulnerability matrix that
> would warrant an update as well?
> I realize that the short answer is "just update" but the client likes
> to have the option of workarounds where possible.
> Thanks in advance,
> DS

	BIND 8 is dead.  The only part of BIND 8 that gets updated
	these days is libbind and that is shipped as part of BIND 9.

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