Wildcards in reverse DNS

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at isc.org
Thu Jan 4 21:57:20 UTC 2007

	For those of you who think NAT's are great try connecting
	to a port forwarded service from behind a NAT.  I've yet
	to see a NAT box do this right.  The NAT box should be
	able to loop the traffic around.  Instead we are forced
	to kludge solutions to this in the DNS.

	Look back through the archive of this list and you will
	see some of the problems NAT's cause. 

	IPv6 is a significant step forward. It has enough address
	space the every home can have it's own network with global
	address for each device in the home if they want.

	There are lots of things you can do when you have a
	globally routable IP address that you can't do from
	behind a NAT.

	Bring on IPv6.

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