Zone transfer master -> slave using views on same subnet.

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Sun Jan 7 00:17:06 UTC 2007

> Thanks for the advise,
> I have modified the "masters" reference on the slave but once I  
> modify a zone on the master and issue a
> # rndc reload in externe
> I have the following error :
> 07-Jan-2007 00:44:21.778 debug 1: zone notify to  
> retries exceeded
> is the IP of the slave on the "externe" view.
> Notification are not sent to the correct IP.

	You are trying to send your notify messages via the NAT and
	they are not getting there.  (See the "Wildcards in reverse
	DNS" thread for more opinions on NATs).

	Use "notify explicit;" and "also-notify {; };". 

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