nsupdate and round robin

Victor Hugo dos Santos listas.vhs at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 14:36:56 UTC 2007

2007/1/4, Mark Andrews <Mark_Andrews at isc.org>:
> > Victor Hugo dos Santos wrote:
> > > 2007/1/2, Kevin Darcy <kcd at daimlerchrysler.com>


> > OK, I see what you're saying now. The client's address changes and it
> > wants to delete the previous address and add the new address. There's no
> > convenient way to do that currently within the widely-deployed DNS
> > protocol, that's what http://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc4701.txt is all
> > about, but apparently BIND does not yet support that RR type. I don't
> > know that any DHCP clients natively support DHCID either, but then I
> > haven't researched the subject in any depth.
>         Current named's and nsupdate's will handle DHCID just fine.
>         They will just treat it as a unknown type until you update
>         to BIND 9.5 which knows about DHCID.

cool.. DHCID is exactly the option what i needed....but, where is
documentation about this ??? I was reading the RFCs (4701), but theu
are not very clear !!!

very, very tanks for any information.

Victor Hugo dos Santos
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