IN-ADDR.ARPA Zone Delegations

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Wed Jan 10 19:50:23 UTC 2007

> On 10 Jan 2007, at 06:53:26, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
> > On Wed, Jan 10, 2007 at 06:46:09AM -0800,
> >  Merton Campbell Crockett <m.c.crockett at> wrote
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> >> I forgot to note that I used a $ORIGIN statements in the 10.10.IN-
> >> ADDR.ARPA zone file instead of the following notation.
> >
> > That's the first time that I see someone asking for help by posting
> > what he did NOT do.
> What can I say?  After sending my original message it struck me that 
> it might be important to note that I used the following notation.
> 	$ORIGIN 160.10.10.IN-ADDR.ARPA.

	Which is NOT a delegation of 160.10.10.IN-ADDR.ARPA.
	$ORIGIN does NOT change the current owner.  You actually
	delegated whatever the current owner name is.
	My first thought would be.  Kill the forward zones as
	you are authoritative for 10.10.IN-ADDR.ARPA.
	Make sure you have a empty forwarders declaration for


		zone "10.10.IN-ADDR.ARPA." {
			type master;
			file "10.10.IN-ADDR.ARPA";
			forwarders { /*empty */ };

	This will override any global forwarders and allow named
	to follow the delegations in 10.10.IN-ADDR.ARPA.
	Don't use $ORIGIN in the master file for 10.10.IN-ADDR.ARPA.
	If you need to had individual PTR records use 2 labels.

	e.g. the reverse of is:

		4.3 	PTR

	While named has lots of features people tend to over use
	them.  This especially applies for forward zones and $ORIGIN.


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